Chapter 1 Episode 0: Story of the weak

Since the world reformation, many of the world countries have been brought down and new ones have risen.
America, England, Japan and many other countries have all fallen and been reformed, after the great war and the re-merging of the continents as one (literally).
In one of those new countries, which is Kingain- Arklight city; A teenage boy laid asleep on his desk, but was suddenly woken up by the sound of a hand slamming on his desk.
“Bell!” a masculine voice shouted, “Wake up, you’ve been asleep for too long! Answer my question!”
Bell suddenly jumps off from his chair in fright and sees the man that slammed the table, scowling at him.
“Wha- -! Sorry about that Mr Kain!” Bell said out of fright, “You see the great war was caused, due to a certain man known as Jonas James, when he tried to-!”
“Bell, i didn’t ask about who started the great war.” Mr Kain cuts in, “I asked if you will be able to participate in fixing some parts of the school.”
“Oh, you mean the parts that were destroyed by the fight that our class had?” Bell asked.
“Yes, the fight that occurred between the second year students of this Emerald high and other the second year students of Apricot high.” Mr Kain said, “I know you weren’t present when it occurred but you are still part of the class, and since the headmaster has refused to waste any money on repairing what has been damaged; He ordered that your class will fix the damages done by themselves.”
Bell bends his head down in sadness as Mr Kain began to walk away from the class. Right before Mr Kain could leave the class, he suddenly stops and looks at Bell.
“Oh and Bell, since you are physically weak, I assigned the easiest work for you to do… carrying buckets of water.” Mr Kain said while smiling, “And don’t worry, i made sure that the buckets are quite small for you.”
The entire class bursts out in laughter, concerning what Mr Kain said and Bell quickly sat on his chair and covered his head with a book, in shame.
During the work, Bell even struggled to carry the bucket of water and became exhausted from trying to lift it .
As Bell attempted to lift up the bucket once again, two female students passed him by.
“Wow, even a bucket of water is difficult for him to carry?” One of them said as she was carrying two logs of wood on both of her shoulders.
“I know. It’s quite shocking right?” the other female said as she was carrying a large metal pipe.
“Hey Bell!” A male student called out as he was carrying seven logs of wood on his shoulder, “What’s wrong? is the bucket of water, too much for you to handle?”
“Leave him alone.” Another male classmate said while smiling, “It’s not his fault that he is weak, but then again, i guess it cannot be helped!”
The entire second year students, bursts out in laughter against Bell, which made Bell angry and attempt severally to carry the bucket, but to no avail and ended up panting for air.
At Arklight city hospital, Bell was in the doctor’s office, while sitting beside a muscular old man, who was also discussing with the doctor.
“Good afternoon, Mr Godwin.” The doctor greeted.
“Good afternoon, doctor.” Mr Godwin greeted, “Oh and please, like i usually say, call me Gucci granddad.”
“Ah, yes, Gucci granddad.” The doctor said while smiling.
“You told us to meet at 4:30 pm?” Gucci granddad asked
“Yes, Mr- i mean Gucci granddad.” the doctor replied, “… About your grandchild’s condition…I’m sorry… There is nothing we can do. His condition is something, he might just have to deal with for the rest of his life.”
Bell became shocked with what the doctor said and began to stare at him.
“Okay.” Gucci granddad said as he puts a candy in his mouth, “Thanks for letting me know.”
As Bell’s grandfather stood up to leave and Bell followed him, the nurse beside the doctor began to scratch her head in confusion.
“A man of his age shouldn’t be taking candy or wearing shades, like he is in his 20s.” The nurse said.
“He was once my teacher, you know.” the doctor said, “Damn, he was so flamboyant that he made all the cool teens in our school, look like nobodies.”
“He was once your teacher, you say?” the nurse asked, “How old is he now?”
“A 170 years.” the doctor replied with a smile.
“A hundred and seventy?!” The nurse asked in shock.
“Yes. He is a 170 year old man with a 20 year old body.” The doctor said, “But i gotta admit, he is still as flamboyant as ever. Though, i find it hard to believe that him and Bell are related.”
As nightfall had reached, Bell’s grandfather switched off the lights and walked out of Bell’s room. As Bell tried to go to sleep, he started to hear voices of his classmates and adults.
“Ha, look who it is! Bell, the weakling!”
“The weakest boy in Emerald high.”
“Sup, biscuit bone!”
“Gucci, your grandchild is truly fragile.”
“What a fragile boy.”
“I never believed anybody to be weak, but damn, that boy is weak.”
After recalling all their words, Bell sat up on his bed and began to sob. While Bell was sobbing, his room door slightly opened and the lights came on, which appeared to be his grandfather, eating candy.
“What’s wrong, boy?” Bell’s grandfather asked.
“Oh, it’s nothing” Bell replied, “It’s just… why does it have to be me? All my life, I’ve been called weak, fragile and other sorts of things, because of my condition.
It’s not my fault, i am like this. Today, i couldn’t even carry a bucket of water, but many of my classmates carried logs, pipes and other materials easily. How long will this go on, grandfather? How long? If only i was strong. If only i had enough strength and power, then i wouldn’t be looked down on. Yes, if only i was the strongest boy in Emerald high or the world, then i would be respected.”
“Hold on.” Bell’s grandfather said, “Being strong is one thing, but being the strongest is quite…”
“But it will get me some respect!” Bell cuts in, “At least, no one will look down on me as a weakling, ever again.”
Bell’s grandfather bursts out in laughter and instantly crunched his candy.
“Baka. You honestly believe that being the strongest will make people respect you?” Bell’s grandfather asked with a smile on his face, “Boy, I’ve been alive for a 170 years; from being used for child trafficking, to becoming the coolest teen in my school, to being a soldier, a teacher, an author, a healer and many other things. And i finally understood…”
“…That even the strongest can get spat on.” Bell’s grandfather said while unwrapping another candy, “It doesn’t matter if you are the strongest or not. You are not above getting killed or being looked down. Have all the power you want, but let your personality suck, you will still get looked down on. If you have a great personality but you are a weakling, you still get looked down on by some people. Even if you have a great personality and you’re the strongest, there are still some people that will spit on your face.”
“So there is no winning?” Bell asked sadly.
“Boy, didn’t i tell you that i was an author?” Bell’s grandfather asked with a smug look on his face, “Now, I’m going to tell you a story about an old work, i never published, called ‘Omega Wars: Chronicles’.”
“Omega Wars: Chronicles?” Bell asked.
“Yes. Now zip your mouth and listen to your one and only, Gucci granddad.” Bell’s grandfather said as he unwrapps another candy and puts in his mouth.
“Now listen carefully.” Bell’s grandfather said, “Long ago, there was ancient kingdom known as Agaroth. It was considered as the most powerful human kingdom that ever existed, mainly because Agaroth has never lost to any other race and not to mention, this happened before humans decided to go their own way.”
“Now, Agaroth was so powerful that they never used weapons to fight, but instead relied on a special energy that flowed within them known as ‘Kan’.
Kan was a powerful energy that granted the humans, great strength and speed.
Strength, that they were able to shatter pure steel with their fists and split the earth with a kick, and speed so great, that they could move beyond what the eyes could perceive.
Those tribes of Agaroth that possessed Kan, were considered as major tribes and those that didn’t posses Kan, were looked down on and considered as minor tribes. However, there was a 15 year old boy named Cloud, who came from a minor tribe but never gave up on his dreams on becoming the greatest, and this is his story.”
In a blue leaved forest, during the day, Cloud wakes up from his dream and sees the sun setting, leaving him with a scared wtf face.
“Oh crap, I overslept!” Cloud said within himself as he quickly stood and started running,”How many times have i gone late to class, now? I know! If i can just…”
Cloud suddenly stops as he sees a man standing front of him, folding his arms and frowning.
“Uh, hey, Schroeder.” Cloud said nervously, “How’s it going?”
“Come here!” Schroeder said as he grabs Cloud by the ear and began to drag him forward.
“Ow, ow, ow!” Cloud said in pain as he was holding the arm that Schroeder is using to grab his ear.
“Cloud, how long will you keep doing this?” Schroeder asked, “Are you aware, that you have been missing class, alot? I’ve lost count of how many times, you’ve been doing that. I mean, you were five months late, when you first arrived to the Pilgrim academy, but out of grace and pity, we let you in. Yet, you’re still screwing up.”
Cloud began to recall 3 months ago, when he first arrived at the pilgrim academy and stood in front of his entire classmates.
“Hi, my name is Cloud of the Stormwind tribe.” Cloud said with a smile while closing his eyes, “And i only have two goals: one is to the first minor tribe member to become a pilgrim of Agaroth and the second is …”
The entire class stared at Cloud, wondering what he is going to say.
“…Is to become the greatest warrior of all time!!!” Cloud said as he hoped up in excitement with one arm raised in the air, while closing his eyes and grinning.
The entire class bursts out in laughter and began to mock him.
“Is this some kind of joke?!”
“Has his white hair, wiped out all his senses?!”
“Greatest, my ass!”
“Yeah, like a minor could ever compete with a major!”
“Hey,what’s so funny?!” Cloud angrily asked, ” Laugh all you want but one day, I’m going to make you all stare at me in awe!”
The laughter of the entire class, increased heavily at what Cloud had said and still continued mocking him.
“Give us a break, would ya?!”
“This white haired guy is deluded!”
“Stop humiliating yourself and take a seat!”
After recalling that moment, Cloud noticed that many students were walking out of the class and he sadly entered it.
“Oh, there he is. The greatest early comer of our class.” A voice said. Cloud to turns to espy the speaker and found it to be a ghost white teen, folding his arms while leaning on the wall.
“Oh, Sting, it’s you..” Cloud said.
“Ah, yes. And what stopped you from coming early, this time?” Sting asked.
“Forget it.” Sting cuts in, “Today is the day, we are supposed to receive our results on what our ranks are, as pilgrim candidates. Mine was a B+. You better go collect yours, before Zera leaves.”
Cloud spots Zera and went after her. Just as he reaches Zera and began to discuss with her, Sting sighed .
“Man, this guy is really a case.”
Zera hands Cloud his rank result on a paper and Cloud stares at it in shock.
“A ‘C class candidate’?” Cloud asked, “But why am i-“
“Shut up!” Zera cuts in as she hammer fisted Cloud’s head, “It’s more than you deserve! You came 5 months late, you are the weakest, you do poorly in class, tasks and training and yet, here you are, complaining about having a C?! You should have been a D- but out of pity and because there were no C class candidate, we gave you that C. So don’t go complaining about your rank, YOU DAMNED WHITE HEAD!”
“Damn, she’s still scary.” Cloud said within himself.
“Wow, you are amazing, Karma!” A feminine voice said.
“No way. An S ranked candidate?”
A masculine voice said.
Cloud turns round and sees a group of students surrounding Karma, while she was seated.
“Karma, you really are incredible!” A male student said.
“Yeah, an S rank is no -“
“Would you low life clods, get the hell away from me.” Karma cuts in as a female student was trying to compliment her, “The stench of you lessers, is really starting to piss me off.”
All the students that were surrounding her, grudgingly walked away from her, while murmurings among themselves.
“The hell?” A female student said.
“So much for trying to congratulate her” A male student said.
“You know what? Just forget about her.” Another male student said.
As a the students had left her, Cloud began to stare at Karma with a bit of jealousy.
“Karma: the top student of this Tall order pilgrim academy.” Cloud said within himself, “Don’t know much about her, but the little i know, is that she can be an arrogant pain in the ass. But don’t worry,she maybe the strongest for now, but one day, I’ll be the one, who will surpass her. Just one day.”
While Cloud was in the dinning room, eating far from other students, a group of other students surrounded Cloud.
“Well would you look at that.” A male student said,”The C ranked white head is depressed.”
“Let him be, Van” A female student said, “After all, he showed us, once again why he is a failure.”
“Yeah, Van. Juni is right.” Another male student said, “This minor is just a winner wannabe. Isn’t that right, Rico?”
“You’ve got that right, Garl.” Rico replied.
“Van, Rico,Juni and Garl. The self proclaimed rulers of the academy.” Cloud said while smiling, “Funny part is that none of you are part of the big ones. Just an A rank, a B rank, an A- and a B-. No A + student or S ranked student. Another funny part is that, you are all picking on a C ranked student, just to make yourselves feel better. Wow, imbeciles will always be imbeciles, I guess.”
“Wow, you’ve got a mouth on you.” Juni asked while trying to force a smile, “Maybe, i should teach you how to control it!”
“Let him be, Juni.” Garl said, “It’s not like he is worth spit, anyway.
“You know, for someone who came from a minor tribe, you’ve got a lot of nerves, proclaiming that you’ll become the strongest.” Van said with a smirk, “As Garl said, ‘You aren’t worth spit’, I spit on your dead tribe, Cloud.”
Cloud instantly loses his temper and punched Van in the face, but the punch didn’t faze Van. Van smiled and retaliated with a punch of his own, sending Cloud, crashing through tables.
“What’s wrong?!” Van asked while smirking, “Can’t handle a weak punch? Come now, this shouldn’t be anything for someone, who declared, he’ll become the strongest.”
Despite Cloud bleeding all over his face, Cloud still stood up and ran towards Van to punch him but Van easily caught his fist and punched him again, in the face, which pushed Cloud back a bit.
“That punch was weaker, you know.” Van said while still smirking.
Cloud still charged towards Van, to punch him but Van easily evades the attack,punches Cloud on the belly and headbutts him, causing Cloud to fall on his knees. As Cloud fell on his knees, Van kicks Cloud on the face, sending him sliding on his back.
“Aw, come on.” Van said as he was walking towards Cloud, “You are letting me down, strongest. It’s such a shame, that your fists can’t do squat against me.”
“If i can’t punch that look off your face… Then I’ll just have to kick it!” Cloud said as he quickly turns around to land a high kick on Van’s face.
However, Cloud’s ankle was easily caught by Juni, right before his kick could connect, leaving Cloud in shock. Juni suddenly smiled and tossed Cloud to the ground.
“Stupid minor.” Juni said as she kicked Cloud on the face, right before he could get up, “You know what guys, let’s gang up on this fool and teach him his place.”
“Right!” Garl said, “Let’s do this!”
Garl, Juni and Rico, began to mercilessly stomp on Cloud.
After stomping on Cloud, Van walked towards the battered Cloud and grinned as he sets his foot to stomp on Cloud’s head.
“Hey, White head.” Van said, “Sleep well.”
Just as Van drove his foot down to stomp on Cloud’s head, his foot got blocked by another student’s foot, which happened to be Sting.
“Enough.” Sting said
“Oh, it’s you.” Van said, “Came here to save your best friend, i presume?”
“Four students, ganging on a single C ranked students. Quite pathetic, if you ask me” Sting said as he began to emit a green aura, ” Why don’t you pick on someone your own size.”
“Like you?” Van asked with an evil smirk as he began to emit a lilac aura.
“Hold up, are Van and Sting about fight?!” A male student said as other students gathered to watch.
“This is going to be awesome!” A female student said.
“Awesome? This is going to be a blood bath!” Another female student said.
“Yeah, you are right.” a male student said, “There is no way Sting can beat Van.”
“Is this Sting?” Another male student asked within himself, “This odd level of power, cannot be coming from a B+ student!”
“Van, not here.” Garl said as he held Van by the shoulder, “If you two fight here, then you’ll end up destroying the entire place and we’ll get in trouble for it.”
“Yeah, Let’s go, Van.” Juni said.
Van scoffs as he joins his friends and walks away from Sting.
As Van left the dinning room, Sting assisted the injured Cloud, in standing up.
“I’m taking you to Leorona, so just hang on, okay?” Sting said
As the partly conscious Cloud was on Sting’s shoulders, Cloud recalled his past of his 5 year old self, standing and talking with his parents.
“Don’t worry about it!” Little Cloud said with excitement, “If they should reopen the Pilgrim organization, I’m going to be the first ever Stormwind to become a Pilgrim and from there, I’ll be the greatest warrior that ever lived!”
“Oh, don’t worry about it” Cloud’s mother said, “I’m sure, you’ll do very well as a pilgrim.”
“Yeah and we’ll be there to support you.” Cloud’s father said.
Five years later, Cloud was staring at the pile of corpses of the Stormwind tribe, including his mother and father’s corpses.

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